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12 décembre 2025


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All you have to do is think about the wedding dress

Calendar 14 févr. 19  | par Poisue

All you have to do is think about the wedding dress and the moment of "yes", right? After Gillne.com, however, what will happen? What will happen when the next future wife has grabbed the wedding bouquet and all the guests will be returned home ... lire la suite

organized an original wedding or chose a colorful wedding dress

Calendar 12 févr. 19  | par Poisue

These are jewels that can be studded with very bright stones for her and accompanied by a version of metal, the same thickness of the bride's ring, for him. If you wear a romantic princess dress that day, maybe this is just the faith ... lire la suite

you want to choose a vintage wedding dress for your wedding

Calendar 28 janv. 19  | par Poisue

Men are often reluctant to watch romantic comedies and listen to the love phrases uttered by attractive actors. However, even the most reserved hide a sentimental soul, which - remained hidden in the preparation of marriage ... lire la suite

useful to understand if a photo wearing your wedding dress

Calendar 24 janv. 19  | par Poisue

Funny wedding phrases will not be the only way to entertain your guests, but there are many different ways, one of them is the Photo Booth.

We interviewed some photographers, who explained to us how much a corner for this element that ... lire la suite

Even the three bridesmaids were dressed in blue

Calendar 21 janv. 19  | par Poisue

Around the world without moving from the table
On 5 August 2017 Elena and Marco joined in marriage at Melazzo, in the park of Villa Scati, an ancient noble residence surrounded by greenery. Although the style of the wedding apparently was simple, ... lire la suite

you will need bridal shoes to wear under the white dress gillne.com

Calendar 16 janv. 19  | par Poisue

When you are getting married, it's all new: you know that you will need bridal shoes to wear under the white dress and little else ... but why did nobody explain to you how do you become a bride? Do not worry, the important thing ... lire la suite

choose the wedding dress that you like without thinking

Calendar 14 janv. 19  | par Poisue

8. The promises
You have repeated the phrases for promises of marriage hundreds of times but you know each other well: when the time comes to speak in public, there is a lump in the throat and the words do not come out anymore. Luckily, at ... lire la suite

the ankle are very adaptable even to a short wedding dress

Calendar 9 janv. 19  | par Poisue

Finally, I dedicated one of our songs to him: yes, I sang for him Marisa's wonderful Amore Mio and then we flew the lanterns in the sky ... in short, it was fantastic. »Explains the bride, who would not think twice in repeating that day ... lire la suite

organize your wedding and you will not encounter

Calendar 4 janv. 19  | par Poisue

Those born under the sign of Capricorn tend to be focused on themselves, which in men often turns into business success. Your husband will therefore be a tough guy, who knows how to be respected and get what he wants. Fortunately, since ... lire la suite

that is a central table runner an original wedding placeholder

Calendar 2 janv. 19  | par Poisue

Flowers for essential perfumed palettes
Flowers are of great importance in terms of decorations. The beauty is just choosing them and then approach them according to a precise chromatic and seasonal criteria. Yes, because to avoid ... lire la suite

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